Hewes and Company, Blue Hill, Maine

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Hewes and Company: Blue Hill, Maine

Our Facility:

Hewes & Company operates out of a 19,500 square foot facility that serves as its administrative and meeting headquarters as well as housing the company’s expansive and well equipped shop space and finishing rooms. The large work capacity of the shop enables project managers greater flexibility and control in planning and scheduling construction and renovation projects. The shop also enables Hewes & Company to fabricate custom cabinetry as well as specialized and unique structural and interior components such as round towers, cone roofs, curved stairways, and elliptical and ‘eyebrow’ windows. In addition, due to the broad capabilities of the shop, the challenge of difficult to reach building sites – such as island projects – are minimized as are the associated cost factors for clients.

Hewes and Company: Detail, Craftsmanship, Quality

419 Ellsworth Road Blue Hill, Maine 04614 | 207-374-2275 | info@hewesco.com Hewes and Company Marine Division