Hewes and Company Marine Division, Blue Hill, Maine


Hewes & Company is proud to be the Marinedeck Distributor for New England and Atlantic Canada, as well as machining all of their prefabricated decking for the America's. Send us your patterns and we will machine your custom decking layout or buy strips for decking manually.

  • Sustainably grown cork composite decking
  • Manufactured by Stazo Marine of Holland
  • Designed for saltwater applications
  • UV resistant
  • In use for over 10 years
  • Acoustical & thermal insulating
  • Easy installation & maintenance
  • Light weight
  • Custom logos & patterns
  • Rolled for easy shipping

www.hewesco.com PO Box 599 • 419 Ellsworth Road • Blue Hill, Maine 04614 • phone: 207-374-2275 • fax: 207-374-2999 • cncmarine@hewesco.com